Intelligence quotient (IQ) is most widely used phenotype to characterize human intelligence in psychometric studies. As fundamental role of cognition, it is not surprised that IQ is consistently associated with a number of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, autism, depression and anxiety. In the present work, the first IQ genetic database (IQdb) was developed as comprehensive repository for all the currently reported 158 confirmed genes and 46 genomic regions associated with IQ from over one thousands of literature .

Furthermore, 6932 genes were expanded based on the 158 confirmed genes using protein-protein interactions and 46 confirmed linked genomic regions. To assist further analysis or replication, a multi-dimensional evidence-based prioritization system was developed for all the 7090 associated genes to evaluate relative importance with IQ. IQdb allows you to query by text, browse by pathway, related disease, tissue expression, and chromosome number, or run BLAST search against the sequences in IQdb. Bulk downloadable files are also available.

Our database allows you to:

  • Search and browse the curated genes, SNPs and genomic regions associated with IQ score by their annotations, expressed data and genome localizations;
  • Obtain an overview of all IQ associated genes from their related pathways;
  • Rank the relevant importance of all IQ associated genes from integrated evidence;
  • Systematically construct IQ associated gene networks from their expression and protein-protein interaction data.

We will maintain and update IQdb regularly as more data and information become available. When using this resource, please cite our URL.

Please cite: Kong,L., Cheng,L., Fan,L.Y., Zhao,M., Qu,H., IQdb: an intelligence quotient score-associated gene resource for human intelligence. Database, Vol. 2013, Article ID bat063, doi:10.1093/database/bat063

Download genes list in txt format
Number of Entrez genes: 7090
Number of Entrez GIs: 5197
Number of UniProt Entries: 7899
Number of IQ related SNPs: 139
Number of Genomic regions: 46
Number of related literatures: 250
Number of genes with expression profiles: 4474
Number of genes with pathway annotation: 2897
Number of genes with disease annotation: 1752
Number of genes with tissue specificity annotation: 1345

Download 158 core genes list in txt format